Why Segway?

100% Active, Green Fun!

100% active time for 1-3 hours. No waiting in line for an 18-second zip line or 45-second amusement part ride.

Family Event or Private Tour

Never a crowd. Just a handful of Segway PTs. Great for grandparents, their adult children and their kids. Age is immaterial.

Everyone Stays Together

Travel at the same speed regardless of age, endurance, or joint problems. No charge for smiles and laughter.

How we get you riding in minutes...

Safety Video

Watch a 7-minute video to become familiar. Click Here to watch now or when you arrive for your tour.

One-On-One Training

Never a crowd. Just a handful of Segway PTs. Great for grandparents, their adult children and their kids. Age is immaterial.

Test Ride!

Before you head out, you get to "test drive" in a limited area to get comfortable before your tour begins. Your guide is just a few steps away to answer any questions.

Hilton Head Segway - You're Off!

You're Off!

Once each guest is ready, your route begins. Unlike ziplines and amusement park rides that literally last "seconds", you are active on your Segway PT for up to 2 hours.

Eco-Discovery tour: 10
All other tours: 12

We reserve the right to not allow any guest to ride.
Riders must be of the age and maturity to pay attention, learn the operation of the Segway PT and make decisions to avoid obstacles and incidents. The Segway PT stops by the rider leaning backwards. If the rider is too light, he/she will not be able to stop the Segway PT from moving forward.

The published upper weight limit of the Segway PT is 260 lbs. We do not weigh riders.

There is no maximum age. All riders must demonstrate the aptitude and ability to ride.

Unfortunately, some guests with disabilities will not be able to safely participate.

No. Most guests are literally riding in 2-3 minutes.

The first few minutes of the tour is at a slow pace to give you time to get the hang of it. We can stop the tour at any time to give you a few extra minutes. Only 1 guest in 1000 says "it's not for me"--including guests in their 80s.

Tours proceed in light weather--it's still fun! Every Segway PT has a disposable poncho for unexpected weather. But, in the event of "bad weather" like a thunderstorm, heavy rain or a snow storm (it happens), we might bump the tour a few minutes until the weather passes. Please contact us--don't assume the tour is canceled!

You can cancel as long as you call 843-800-6004 prior to 72 hours (3 full days...)of the tour start time.

If you cancel any time within 72 hours, we will do our best to accommodate to reschedule you on a different tour date and time, but we cannot guarantee this can be done.

Worst case, we will provide a full credit of your tour, minus a $35 transfer fee ($35 total, regardless of the number of guests) toward a future tour. This does not apply for specially arranged group tours or tours that exceed our normal capacity.

In most cases, there are public rest rooms on or near the tour route. Talk to your guide before the tour starts if you feel you might need to take a break. Otherwise, on most tours, your guide will let you know when a break is near a restroom.

That's easy:

Your guide is your guide. He/she starts when you are ready and only is there for you.
No strangers. It's just you and your date, spouse, friend, relative...
It's not expensive.
You start when you are ready. No waiting for other guests.
You go at your pace, not someone else's.
Want to go slower because that's your style? Done deal.
Want to skip the narration and just ride or hear more narration? It's your call.

We require at least two guests on a tour. So, yes under two situations:

We can add you to an existing tour. You are then with another group and bypass the two person minimum.

We can charge you for two guests. Sorry, but the economics of doing Segway tours requires at least two guests per tour.

We have been asked this question more than once.


Segway PTs are for one person. No dogs, cats, or children riding in your lap, papoose, back or shoulders. No trailers...

Sneakers or tennis shoes work best. Open toed shoes might leave you open to a stubbed toe, so closed toes shoes work better. High heeled shoes are not appropriate.

Yes--each Segway has a bag that will hold a small purse, camera, or cell phone. If you have a coat, you can tie it around your shoulders, waist or simply wear it!

Nope! You might fall. Would you fly a plane with one hand? No! So, you need both hands to steer. If you want to stop for a photo, just ask your guide to stop. We will stop as often as you want.

Yes. This is required by Segway and through various local laws. You can bring your own helmet if preferred.

If you do not arrive at the tour start point at least 10 minutes prior to the start time, you forfeit your tickets. No refund is available. Please check your driving directions to allow adequate time. If you have any questions or concerns, call 843-800-6004 in advance of your tour time.

All consumer tours and rides require a Segway-certified guide. Rentals are only available to credentialed video and sports production contractors or companies.